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Make a Hemp Necklace

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How to Make a Hemp Necklace

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The NEXT LEVEL Way to Make a Hemp Necklace, How long should a hemp necklace be

Hemp is a fiber that is made from theplant. Hemp necklaces are typically made by using the macrame technique which requires knotting and braiding a thick cord of hemp. The necklaces are fairly simple to make and require few supplies. With some time and practice you can make a hemp necklace to wear or give as a gift to friends and family. 1 X Research source Choose your hemp twine. Hemp typically comes in a natural tan color but there are many other colors to choose from. Hemp twine is most often 1mm although you can find thicker cord. When you choose your cord make sure that it is even and smooth unless you prefer a coarser twine.

Decide what type of necklace you want. This method shows how to involve beads and a pendant into your necklace. You can choose to add more beads or you can decide to only use twine for your necklace. If you decide to only use twine continue knotting as usual and do not worry about stringing on the beads.

Cut the hemp. Using scissors cut one 5 yard 4.5 meter length of hemp. Then cut another length twice as long as the piece of jewelry plus a few extra inches. This necklace will be about 1.5 ~0.5 meter long so a single yard almost a meter would be appropriate.

Wax the cut cord. Rub your hemp thread with beeswax before starting. It helps keep the knots tight and also helps to protect the piece from getting soiled. You can usually find bars of beeswax at hobby stores.Hemp can be purchased in many different weights and lengths, but for a good all around use hemp cord, I'd recommend a 48lb

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