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9 days ago|2K views

Don Lemon’s new book grapples with being Black in America

CNN anchor Don Lemon tackles the history of racism in America in his new book, “This is the Fire,” out now. On “Salon Talks,” Lemon opens up on how he came to understand his own ancestry and being one of the only Black primetime anchors.

“The more I learn about the real history of this country and the more I learn about my ancestry and what my ancestors’ contributions were to this country, the prouder it makes me feel,” Lemon said. “I have accepted the history of this country that I am the descendant of the slave. That doesn’t make me feel bad. It makes me feel good because it makes me feel like a survivor.”

In his book, Lemon also writes about how the Trump administration emboldened white supremacy. Watch the full episode above to hear more about how he’s glad it exposed systemic issues that have gone unrecognized.

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