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10 months ago

Use Baby Oil in Your Beauty Routine

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How to Use Baby Oil in Your Beauty Routine

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How to Use Baby Oil in Your Beauty Routine

Baby oil is mineral oil with a little fragrance added to keep baby skin soft after a bath. This simple product designed for the most sensitive skin can moisturize skin tame unruly hair and add a little shine to your shoes. In fact there are dozens of ways to use baby oil in your beauty routine. A little bit of oil goes a long way so an extremely small investment can yield exceptional results. Use baby oil to wash your face. This is often called the oil cleansing method as an alternative to soap based cleansing for dry skin. Apply the oil to a cotton swab and apply it to your skin.

Remove makeup including waterproof mascara using baby oil. Squeeze a small amount of oil onto a cotton square and apply it to the lashes for a few seconds. Then wipe it away.

Use a few drops of baby oil as a cheek highlighter. Dap a very small amount onto the top of your cheekbones after you have applied your makeup. This will produce an extra glow on the areas you want to highlight.

Create a tinted moisturizer. Add three or four drops of oil to a few drops of foundation. Apply with a sponge or your fingers for natural moisturizing coverage.

Tame eyebrows by applying baby oil to your brow brush. Rake it through your eyebrows and then apply some shadow to darken them.

Clean your makeup brushes. Squeeze a few drops into your hand. Swirl the brush around in the oil. Then rinse in warm water and lay flat while they dry.

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