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8 months ago

Separate Kittens from aCat for Adoption

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How to Separate Kittens from aCat for Adoption
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How to Separate Kittens from aCat for Adoption
separate a cat from her kittens
separate kittens
Do kittens get sad when they are separated
Do mother cats recognize their kittens after being separated
how to separate kittens from a cat for adoption

If your cat has had kittens and you are planning on sending them to a new home or if you are adopting a kitten youll want to take steps to ensure that all parties involved the kitten mother new owner and yourself are happy. The most important thing is to wait until the kittens are old enough preferably 12 13 weeks. If you do thecat will usually adjust quickly to the separation. Kittens on the other hand will take more time. To make each kittens transition as easy as possible youll need to prepare the kitten in advance make sure she is weaned introduce her to her new home gradually and take extra care if bringing her into a home with a resident cat. Expect to separate the kittens from theirwhen they are around 12 weeks old. While most kittens are weaned by 8 10 weeks most experts recommend leaving kittens with their littermates until 12 13 weeks so they can be properly socialized. Socialization is the process whereby kittens explore their surroundings and accept what they find as normal. A well socialized kitten is bold confident and friendly. Separating a kitten from itstoo early on the other hand may lead to poor learning skills and aggressive behavior.

Be sure the kitten has learned to use the litter pan before removing her from her mother. Kittens learn to use the litter pan at different rates but most will have learned by 12 weeks. Be sure the kitten has learned this crucial skill from herbefore she is adopted out.

Introduce the new owners scent to the kitten. Kittens learn a lot about their environment by scent. They recognize their mother littermates and nest by smell. Using this knowledge can ease a kittens transition from herto a new home. Do this by

Introduce the kittens smell to a cat already living in the new home. Likewise if the home already has a cat give him a piece of bedding with the kittens smell on it. Doing this will give the established cat a scent handshake prior to setting eyes on the new kitten. This will start to diffuse potential tension between the two animals.It is a common misconception that kittens can be separated from their mothers as early as 8 weeks old
a) Kittens who have been separated during the early weeks of life will forget each other
Feline Family But "once separated from their mother, kittens seem to lose their memory of her quite quickly, and generally fail to recognize her if reunited," Bradshaw says

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