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Evergreen Education - The Evergreen Herbal Extraction Process

Evergreen Herbal
Warning: For Washington State only. This product depicted in this video has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. The i502-specific ingredients can impair concentration, coordination, and judgement. Do not operate any vehicle or machinery after consuming this product. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of the reach of children.

At Evergreen Herbal, our trailblazing team of culinary experts, extractionists, and cannabis connoisseurs continue to innovate and develop new ways to enjoy cannabis, making Evergreen Herbal the ultimate one stop shop for all your cannabis edible and beverage needs. At Evergreen Herbal, we are committed to creating quality products in the highest standards of food grade facilities to ensure products that create a safe, reliable, and delicious experience!

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