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0ct 5, 2020 Dr Brian Tyson, 1,700 COVID-19 positive patients - Not One Out - Nice HCQ Batting Average!

Uncensored Doctors
Anyone obstructing or contributing to the Obstruction of HCQ in the possible treatment protocols of Covid19 are CULPABLE and share responsibility in the EXTRA loss of lives from THEIR actions.
This website alone

Ask your local Chief Medical Officer:
I point out the following collective resource of HCQ studies in the treatment of COvid19.
This website, being continuously updated, currently has over 120 HCQ related studies with over 75 of those studies having been peer reviewed. Every referenced paper/study on this website has a direct link for you to personally look up and review for yourself.
In your capacity of Chief Medical Officer and the critical importance your role plays in saving the lives of Covid19 infected or suspected infected high risk patients , I ask you to please review this website.
I ask you to do this as a matter of urgency such that your understanding of the current body of evidence related to HCQ protocols in treating Covid19 patients is as up to date as possible and does not ONLY rely on third hand recommendations from sources that may have not taken into account the level of data and the currency of the Data available on .
Having reviewed the website I would appreciate your updated recommendation of what role you would like to see HCQ play in your treatment options and those of your Medical Colleagues

Please sign this petition to let Australian Doctors Prescribe HCQ
Please then post it to your facebook from the petition page

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