20200722 Dr. Zev Zelenko and Rabbi Shmuley on Coronavirus and Preventative Treatment

  • 4 years ago
Dr Zelenko is perhaps the Pioneer of the Outpatient Risk Stratified HCQ(low Dose) + Zinc + AZQ treatment Protocol for the treatment of Covid19.
Faced with Leftist Media and Politicians Demonizing HCQ becasue of its "Game Changer" association with President Donald Trump, Dr Zelenko shows he is more than a brilliant Doctor. He is a man of God, Morals and frankly a modern day Hero. Big Pharma are also not interested to see HCQ succeed with other much more lucrative offerings on the table from them to treat Covid19 at the Hospital stage of the disease. There is an Obvious play out of Good Versus evil here: A Man with a cure that he worked out with his intellect and guidance from his Belief versus evil forces putting self interest ahead of promoting or even allowing the good mans cure to be adopted.

There may be workaround of using Invermectin as the Ionophore for Zinc in place of Zinc where politically motivated evil is blocking the passage of HCQ

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