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Meet the Three New Apples Cornell University Released This Year

Food and Wine
Food and Wine
Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, is known for its apple-producing process.Cornell's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has released at least 70 new apple varieties since 1880.The apple scholars released three new varieties this month: Cordera, Pink Luster, and Firecracker.Cordera tastes great and is resistant to the fungal disease apple scab that can be problematic in New England.The explosively named Firecracker apple is a "triple threat," perfect for eating, baking, and cider-making.Pink Luster is touted for its early ripening period, making it perfect "for on-farm sales and U-pick operations.".All three are an "open-release" to orchards, meaning growers can dive in without any licensing exclusivity
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