KTT Legacy & GSI present Andrew Eborn & RJ Gibb BOREDOM BUSTERS www.KTTLEGACY.com
  • 4 years ago
We strive to provide unique, trendy, stylish & indeed useful products. Items which are "gift-able" & suitable for any occasion or celebration. Our first available collections on this site are geared towards easing life in lockdown

Boredom Busters
In these trying times, we all need a bit of fun to pass it away in isolation. Therefore KTT are proud to present you with our brand new toys, games and entertainment collection, conceived with the same mould in mind and ethos of character that we aim for and strive to fulfil at KTT: uniqueness, nontoxic materials, eco-friendly sources, and the love of not only modern innovations but beloved vintage pastimes, the best of the past with the best of today. From our range of vintage wooden toys with no chemical wood preservatives or varnish, manufactured from the finest beech and locust hardwoods, to our wonderful array of magnetic building-block toys for tots, quality, classic games as well as brand-new amusements the entire family can enjoy.

Aptly named, Boredom Busters will attempt to do exactly that for you, we hope you'll find what you're looking for amongst this delightful collection of valuable, much needed, stress-free entertainment.