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KTT LEGACY & GSI present Andrew Eborn RJ Gibb KTT Masks

Octopus TV
Octopus TV

For your own sake and for the sake of others... Mask Up!

With this beautiful white with black borders & gold text, LEGACY by KTT Ltd re-washable face-covering.

Ease into our new 'normality' with this face-covering designed for comfort, all-day wear. Crafted from breathable 2-ply cotton, you can wash, re-use, and wear this mask again & again. Your smile may be hidden, but you can still sport protective equipment just as welcome & unique as you are!


100% ring spun cotton
One size fits most adults, & it secures behind the ears using ear-loops
Features ribbed binding and a reinforced hem
For the ideal fit, wash the covering after every use and let dry completely
Sourced, processed and printed in the U.S of A.

Disclaimer: These masks are not medical grade and are not to take the place of the N95 masks.

We recommend you wear a surgical grade N95 mask underneath this face-covering, thus providing even more barrier protection (plus this covering 'masks the mask' so to speak, & that unsightly 'N95 look'. Face-masks are a good protective measure to adopt, however this covering makes for a more trendy overall protective-measure experience).

This covering is of course not suitable for use in a surgical setting, or where there would be significant exposure to bodily &/or hazardous fluids. Also not suitable for use in a clinical setting, or in the presence of high-intensity heat sources or flammable gases.

Wearing any mask whatsoever, whether N95 or otherwise, is never guaranteed to prevent the transmission of viral &/or bacterial pathogens & is not a substitute for other tried, tested & thoroughly recommended Disease Avoidance Measures, which though we are not professional medical authorities, we personally recommend, as these are proven methods of disease avoidance & prevention:

1. Constant, consistent & thorough hand-washing...

2. Social-distancing (which is practiced by keeping at least 2 meters, or just over 2 yards, from one-another whilst in public places)...

3. Avoidance of crowds & confined spaces...

4. Complete self-isolation...

Definitely self-isolate if you have experienced any of the publicly listed COVID-19 symptoms, which you can read about via many sources including the NHS website, the CDC website, the WHO website as well as Mayo Clinic's website & other medical information websites.

Please, for the love of Pete, be responsible & keep vigilant everyone.

Please do realise that you, without even catching the virus, it can 'piggy-back' on you, in your hair, on your clothing & your hands for instance, thus it can find its way to other, more vulnerable individuals. Or you might've contracted COVID-19 without displaying any symptoms whatsoever (as you would then be one of the asymptomatic 40% of those infected with COVID-19) & you wouldn't even know about it.
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