KTT Legacy & GSI present Andrew Eborn & RJ Gibb: The Truth about the Bee Gees, Robin Gibb & Juliet

  • 4 years ago
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Andrew Eborn, President of Octopus TV & Knot The Truth, is a renowned international lawyer, producer, strategist, futurist, brand adviser, broadcaster, mentalist, magician & inspirational speaker.

Andrew Eborn's interview technique.. similar to Michael Parkinson. Better than going to a fun Show-Biz party. So good at his job Exudes warmth but a little dangerous in case he leads you on to indiscretions. He gives you the feeling "just between you and me,"

As a lawyer, he knows what questions to ask. As a showbiz personality, he understands that flattery can get someone nearly everywhere.
He makes the event into a party.It is a joyful experience.Thank you, Andrew, for inviting me to your party. Xx Aline Waites,

UKTI Rob Walker " Andrew Eborn is an inspirational ambassador for the technology, media and sport sectors and a powerful advocate for British business"

“Magical “ Sir David Frost"
Andrew Eborn is a very talented interviewer. Andrew is a barrister , magician a true showman. When Andrew interviews his subject he makes them feel extremely relaxed & a joy to work with." Linda Rifkind

Andrew Eborn is “an extraordinary interviewer” James Fortune, Hollywood Director“Brilliant” The Magic Circular

Paul Gordon "Andrew Eborn has now interviewed me twice. He's very good at it too because he asks tough questions without being tough and - like Sir Michael Parkinson - he asks questions the viewer would like to ask."

" If it wasn’t for Andrew Eborn I would not have had the power to do what I am doing. ,,,," Charmaine

"I like your interview style. It’s buzzy, prepared and strong. You do it very well"
"Brilliant and buzzing" Ed Hood

Dawn Lintern Das Fluff "I just had a really fun conversation with Andrew Eborn for Octopus TV and found out a few things about myself. He's that good!"

" Easily one of the best interviews I've ever had " - Andy Kyriacou, Moderm Romance

Elizabeth Evangelista "Andrew Eborn is a bloody natural !"

"Andrew Eborn is electric, magnetic, and his intelligence in the music business and on the history of London is just mind-boggling !"

"Andrew Eborn is not only educating me ~ but entertaining me also ! ~ Andrew is priceless !

Lazar Vukovic " Andrew Eborn - A man born to entertain"

Jon D' Amore " Andrew is a MAGNIFICENT interviewer. A1 ! AMAZING.. slice and a BLAST!"

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