Meet James Mahan, New Braunfels, TX

  • 4 years ago
James Mahan is a true Texan, born and raised. He has many interests and always does what he can to help others achieve their financial goals. James is currently one of the owners of an exclusive boutique asset management firm in New Braunfels. They provide comprehensive asset management services to high net-worth families throughout the Texas region. His specialties lie in creating and managing money market portfolios with a very hands-on approach for every client, regardless of whether they are a corporation, non-profit, or individual investor. James has a proprietary strategy for investing that makes him stand out from his competition, as well as a client-centric approach that retains a loyal customer base.

In addition to managing his clients’ portfolios, James Mahan is also a partner in a real estate development firm. He is always on the leading edge of real estate trends. James seeks to elevate his community of New Braunfels, Texas, which is having a significant renaissance because of its superb location nestled between San Antonio and Austin. James is keenly aware that the current and future population growth is propelling exponential numbers of people to seek out a more serene way of living, as opposed to an entirely urban environment. While they want relaxation, they still want all the amenities of luxury living that a city can provide. As a developer in the highly anticipated Solms Landing project, he will help give people of all ages precisely what they are hoping to find in suburbia. Upscale retail space will be blended with office space and deluxe multi-family housing, and there will also be countless choices for hospitality and entertainment. This entire development is being built on a 98-acre complex.

One especially unique addition to this project is the canine cafe. A relatively new concept, this ‘eatertainment’ venue, will combine all the fun of an off-leash dog park with the social aspect of a cocktail bar and restaurant. Residents who live in Solms Landing and beyond will be able to pay for the exclusive access to a pet-friendly experience like no other. This is just one of the ways James Mahan seeks to make a difference in the lives of those around him in New Braunfels and beyond.