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2 years ago

[ヤマト2202] Episode 12 BGM - [Astonishing White Comet Empire! Yamato Breaks Free!]

Complete BGM for 2202 Episode 12, edited down to how it's presented in the episode.

NOTE: This episode originally uses an extended version of the track "Chase" (minus the guitar addition) from Ark of the Stars, a track that was in of itself a reorchestration of "First Contact" from 2199. The track uses the accompanying flute from 2199, making this a truly unreleased track. So while it might be wrong, I used the 2199 version as the base for the track featured here.
This episode also featured a remixed version of the "Ark of the Stars" soundtrack piece number 9, "Dagarm". This version cuts out the high-pitched background organ noise and presents a version containing only heavy strings. It's wonderful, but due to the nature of 2202's record sessions it's not a real track, it's a track remixed by sound director Yoshida. The fourth out of five.
This song plays at 5 separate times, always from inside Zordar's throne room. This means the echo-effect applied in there makes voices hard to remove, so I simply present the scene in audio format for this outing. In the future I'll try mixing a version that's decent to listen to, but for now it's impossible.
There's also an unreleased version of 2202's original track "Ark of Destruction", presented only with the vocals for a few seconds.

BGM Description to Follow

Please enjoy!

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Google Drive link for this episode's BGM:

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