[Read] Unix in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself: Covers OS X, Linux, and Solaris Best Sellers Rank

  • 4 years ago
If you're in need of a tutorial to learn UNIX from the ground up, this is it. "Sams Teach Yourself UNIX in 24 Hours, Fifth Edition" will let you experience UNIX through hands-on tutorials divided into 24 one-hour lessons so that you can learn the most common UNIX tasks at your own pace. The author will guide you through the basics of maintaining and manipulating a UNIX/Linux operating system. This hands-on approach will allow you to work through the exercises and grasp common UNIX/Linux concepts, including:Using the Command LineListing Files and Managing Disk UsageSlicing and Dicing Command PipeShell ProgrammingPrinting in the UNIX EnvironmentUsing SSH and sftpPerl Programming in UNIX Gain the fundamental knowledge you need to begin working with UNIX with the help of "Sams Teach Yourself UNIX in 24 Hours, Fifth Edition."