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  • 4 years ago
Gone are the days where you must rely on large financial institutions or big name investors to bring a great idea to life. No more putting on a freshly pressed suit to properly collect the puddle of sweat your body will naturally expel to deal with the nerve-racking pitch to someone in an even nicer suit.No more needing to explain why you deserve a business loan despite not having a PhD from an Ivy League business school, twenty years? experience in your industry, and a million dollars worth of assets as collateral.All of that is in the past, thanks to the Internet making crowdfunding accessible to just about anyone with a computer. One of the biggest names in crowdfunding makes it even easier to raise funds to bring a project to life.
Kickstarter: the place to overcome your biggest financial obstacles and get market proof for your product all in one place.
This is the part where I tell you that my partner and I completely slayed our Kickstarter campaign, raised 300 percent more funds than we needed, and went down as legends with libraries and sports arenas named after us.That?is not the case. Yes, we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, but good gracious did we make mistakes before, during, and after our campaign. It?s a wonder we didn?t go down in flames with all the failures and screw ups we made along the way.I?d like to say we were successfully unsuccessful simply because we could have done so much better. After our campaign was over, I spent months researching, going over where we went wrong, and speaking with and learning from other successful Kickstarters. The screw ups, successes, lessons learned, and hours spent dissecting campaign after campaign are collected in this book to give you everything you need to take your project and run it through an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign. I cover how to:
put together a launch team
reach out to your network asking for support in the right way
build relationships with influencers in your niche to drive massive traffic to your campaign
make a killer Kickstarter video for your campaign regardless of your budget
manage your campaign and not go insane
handle your campaign after it is a success
And everything in-between. I can?t promise you the outlier success of some who have come before you wielding nothing but a bowl of potato salad (I hope you understand that joke), but I can promise you you?ll learn tactics and strategies to join the ranks of the fellow successful Kickstarters who have come before you.Even if you are on the fence about taking your idea to Kickstarter, this book can teach you things to start doing today that will help your future campaign in the long run.RUNNING LENGTH ? 2hrs. and 29mins.?2018 Cody Smith (P)2019 Cody Smith