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The Case Method Miracle: Socrates created it. Harvard Business School perfected it. We parent 1074001826
Do you want to learn how to use this revolutionary, simple tool to raise your child? The Case Method Miracle is about how to use the Harvard Business School case method with a child. As a result the child learns to make wise decisions. Any parent or caregiver can do it, anytime, anywhere. Less timeouts, yelling and screaming, or telling the child what to do. The genius in the approach is that the case method teaches the child to think for himself. The case method?as the author has defined it?is easy to do. All a parent has to do is tell their child a one-minute story about another child in a situation?with which the child can identify?where he has to make a choice. ?Once there was a little boy?? The boy makes a choice. At the end the parent asks, ?Was that a wise or unwise decision?? Or, ?What should the little boy do?? That?s it. When the child states the wise response, the parent affirms the child with hugs and praise, ?Great job, you know how to make wise decisions.? The child receives the message, ?You got it.? In addition, rewarding the child with an expression of love capitalizes on his most powerful desire, to be loved.The case method miracle takes place when the child starts making mindful, wise decisions in his own life, both in situations that resemble the told case stories and in those that do not. Learning to stop and think will have a lifelong impact for a young child, and it is never too late to start. Do you want to try it?The author, Anne Jones, graduated from Harvard Business School. She is a mother and used the case method with her son, first simplifying it into its core elements. When she saw the miracle happen, she explored why it works, and wrote The Case Method Miracle to share her experience with other parents. It blends the clear thinking of a Harvard grad with the passion of a mother.

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