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Bullies half-and-half / Bulli a metà / Official English Trailer (SUB)

Michele and Edoardo are two bullies.
They are expelled from their school after yet another act of violence towards a teacher.
In the new school many changes, as their segregation into two different classes, will get their friendship into troubles.

The story follows two boys, Michele and Edoardo, who like to bully, but after yet another act of violence in their school are expelled with immediate effect and enrolled in another institution. Here they will have to face radical changes in their lifestyle, starting from the separation into two different classes, until the "transformation" of one of the protagonists, who with the help of a new friend, Giulia, will try to get back on track, arousing so angry in the former life partner. The latter, to try to re-establish relationships, puts in place a plan by making sure that all the blame is attributed to Edoardo, obtaining exactly the opposite effect: the two will definitely separate and so will Giulia.BULLIES HALF-AND-HALF
With Davide Mogna, Lorenzo Rebufatti, Virginia Riolfo
Also with Armando Vitolo, Luisa Donalisio
Directed by Davide Mogna

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