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LIVE: The Art debuts "Elvis" on the AU sessions

The AU Review
The AU Review
the AU review stopped by to visit The Art while they were recording their next release and they performed this never before played tongue and cheek ditty for us.

Somewhere between seeing Azaria play a pink Dollyrocker kids guitar at an awesome house party show only to ride off on a black Harley, and seeing the town full of The Art posters defaced to read 'the fart' I developed a soft spot for these guys. They're happily full of contradictions. In a endless parade of bands that take themselves too seriously, these guys don't, which is good because no one here takes them seriously either (haw haw haw). It's astonishing the kind of supports and tours they get without much love from the radio gatekeepers. Fuck the powers, they get shows because people like them. Some people anyway -like most things worth paying attention to they polarise crowds.

That DIY punk band that takes makes zines, guess what they take themselves seriously, the folk guys that give out vegan cupcakes clearly take themselves seriously, and don't get me started on how boringly serious pretty much everything that was recently called 'indie' was.

Thanks for reminding me not to give a fuck, was fun to drop by the studio. The songs a jab at all this, "Elvis has left the building, but I'm still here baby". Haters can hate all they like, it'll probably just encourage these guys.


Filmed in Sydney at Electric Sun Studios 22nd October 2013

Video: Oliver Heath
Audio: Stevie Knight
Music: The Art



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