Full version Canning Preserving: Your Quick and Easy Guide to Fresh Food All Year Long

  • 5 years ago
Canning Allows You to Enjoy Your Favorite Fresh Foods, Anytime--Year Round!Nearly all fresh produce is picked during a season of just a few short months and many varieties just don t keep well. Canning will satisfy your craving for delicious, local produce all year long! You can save money, stay healthy, and even enjoy foods from your garden during the winter--simply by learning to can your own foods. It s really very simple to take advantage of canning and preserving to enjoy your favorite fruits, vegetables, and even meats year round, just the way you like them. Whether you ve found your Grandmas delicious jam recipe, you want to have tomatoes from your garden year round, or maybe you just don t want to give away those few extra pounds of berries you picked, it s time to consider home canning. Canning Is Much Easier Than You Might Think...You don t have to be preparing for Armageddon to can your own foods. And even better, when you re done your extra food won t take up any of the limited space in your fridge or freezer! In much of Europe, canning and preserving food is still a routine practice today. Sometimes canning is the only reliable way to enjoy high quality, nutritious food year round. Canning has been an alternative to refrigeration to preserve food since the early 1800 s and properly done, keeps your food safe and delicious a lot longer than any refrigerator ever can. It s not difficult to do. If you have a stove, some extra shelf space out of direct sunlight, and a recipe you want to try, it s time for you to consider canning your own foods at home. Here s A Preview Of What You ll Learn...The different methods commonly used for home canning todayWhat equipment you need and how to prepare itHow to safely & effectively can your favorite foodsBacteria, Bugs, and More: what to avoid and whyEssential tips for successful canningWhat you need to know about canning meatAn assortment of canning recipes to help you get started fastPlus, so much more!If you ve ever