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2 years ago|1K views

Alireza - Never Seen (Official Video) [Prod. by Cxdy]

Taken from the debut album 'Endlyss', out April 12th, 2019 on Earache Records.
Pre-order now:

Never seen how a nigga live
Got too many roaches in the crib
Never seen how a nigga live
I been on moves for a minute
I used to rap timid
Til I saw the party packed
Tryna live free peep how Cardi act
Got so much heart they gon’ stop it cardiac
Someone tell me how it feel to win
When you see youngings on boat like they Gilligan
Bill again
Serving like war guess I’m militant
Will in it then guide yourself Uncle Phil in it

Flash back
Cash stacked
Like a tax back
Black ‘lac
Playin’ 21
Like it’s blackjack
Lost that
Cuz my step pops
Had a bad act
Man whack
Sean Taylor
How that shit got ransacked
Peep the shoes cuz that road tread ain’t clean
Seen my mother try make a dull life gleam
Lost the charger like her phone dead, dodge dreams
But you never

How a

I ain’t never been one to forgive
I’ve been findin’ woes do you feel me though
On a need to know, on a need to know
If it ain’t the dough then it gotta go
When I see my foes then it’s vamanos

Workin’ so hard feel like my back bent
Tell them where I’m from like an accent
Man I only stack rent when I’m on the scene
And yet they deemed
I’d be liftin’ skirts like Monroe steam
Reppin’ Maryland like Norma Jean
Just another day on the payroll
Just tryna get through like a pay toll
Eatin’ my girl these days ’til I stay full

I been
Tryin’ not to give it up
Do y’all niggas tell the truth or what?
When I’m writing I be in the cut
Learning not to fuck with Lady Luck
I’ve be thinkin’ bout
Sentiments given in when you’re in a band
You’re living out a truck
That’s how I know y’all don’t give a fuck

You never seen how a nigga live

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