Rich Gaspari Visits The East Coast Mecca & Critiques Modern Bodybuilding | East Coast Mecca (S3)

5 years ago
FINALE: Rich Gaspari talks shop with Steve Weinberger.

In the wake of the New York Pro 2018, Rich Gaspari stops by the East Coast Mecca to visit Steve and talk about the state of modern bodybuilding moving into the 2018 Mr. Olympia and beyond. In our previous showstopper episode revolved around the New York Pro 2018 - you already saw Rich and Steve give their thoughts on the competitors' physiques. Now in this episode they expand their conversation further - comparing the old days of bodybuilding to today, how the internet changed the entire bodybuilding industry (for better and worse), and also breaks down the large collections of divisions that the IFBB & NPC now has under its wing.

Rich Gaspari also gives his take on the Men's Physique division and how he believes that it's not the same level of sport compared to other divisions. Rather, it feels like a stepping stone for moving up towards bigger divisions. Watch the season finale above!

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