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Arash Rahbar Is The Veteran Of The East Coast Mecca | East Coast Mecca (Season 3)

East Coast Mecca is a second home for Arash Rahbar.

Arash Rahbar is one of the biggest Classic Physique athletes currently competing in bodybuilding. He is also a true veteran of the East Coast Mecca - a gym he can easily call a second home. Having trained at the Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym daily for numerous years - Arash has a true pride and passion for the gym. He knows more than anyone why it's considered one of the best bodybuilding gyms in the world.

In this episode, Arash gives us an inside look to his off season training as he prepares for the Mr. Olympia 2018... but he also gives us a different look at the gym he calls home. With plenty of experience and stories from his many years training at the East Coast Mecca - he is a sort of oral historian of the gym.

Arash also introduces us to David Hoffman - a German bodybuilder who is also training to compete in the upcoming New York Pro 2018 and has some true promise in the Classic Physique division. David also visits Steve Weinberger in the posing room for a physique critique. Check out the full episode of East Coast Mecca above!

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