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4 years ago

intex power bank 10k poly unboxing review Technical Unboxing

tech and tip
Capacity : 10000 mAh , Input : 5V/ 1A , Output : 5V/ 1ADC , Output Current : 0.5A-1A , Life Cycle : >500 times , Charge Time : 5 Hours , Over Charge Protection : 4.25 V FEATURES :Battery Protection : Yes , Support Mobile : Yes , Plug & Play : Yes , High Security : Yes , High Capacity : Yes , Full Compatible : Yes , Torch availability : Yes .

Battery Capacity:
The Intex Power Bank PB-IT 11 has a high-performing lithium-Ion chargeable battery. Its whopping 10000 mAh built-in battery has a very high charging capacity. Most of the smartphone batteries are in the range of 1000-2000 mAh so you can well imagine the capability of this power bank. On being completely charged, it can charge your smartphone five to six times easily.

Plug & Play
Simply connect your device to Intex Power Bank PB-IT 11 and its Plug & Play feature automatically starts charging your device. There is no need to press any button to start it. Not just that, once your device is fully charged this intelligent power bank automatically shuts off thereby protecting your device from overcharging. What a perfect blend of convenience and safety!

Safety & Stability:
From a safety point of view, it is very important that the voltage of the battery doesn’t exceed a certain level. At Intex, our customers’ safety is our priority which is why Intex Power Bank PB-IT 11 comes with an overcharge protection of 4.25 V. This feature takes cares of battery voltage and doesn’t allow it to cross the safety level which ensures your device is absolutely safe.

Elegant Build:
Today gadgets are not mere devices but a part of your fashion statement too! And if you own a portable power bank that’s so stylish and sleek, then you might as well flaunt it. Power Bank PB-IT 11 has a classy combination of sky blue and white colour. Its plastic body has a dual advantage of being tough yet lightweight. It is so compact that you can always carry it around with you. The cherry on the cake are the LED lights that specify the battery level. Now leave behind the wires and worries and enjoy uninterrupted services of your devices.

Varied Features
Intex Power Bank PB-IT 11 has multiple features that will amaze you. It has a life cycle greater than 500 times. It can charge multiple devices such as smartphones, cameras, tablets etc. It has dual USB ports wherein you can either charge two of your devices or even share the power bank with your friend. Not only that, this power bank also has a powerful built-in flashlight.

Intex Power Bank PB-IT 11 ends your search for a resourceful portable power bank. It is designed not only to cater to your need for hassle-free charge but also to meet and suit your urban lifestyle. It is power-packed, robust, compact and economical. With such impressive features and strong power back-up, this simple-looking power bank is indeed a good value for money.

Product Specifications:
Capacity: 10000mAh
DC Output Current 0.5A-1A
Charge Time: 5 hours
Over Charge Protection

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