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Alles in Les Halles (what once was useful...)

il y a 11 ans|245 vues
This video was made in a "happening" way. So it happened in Les Halles, with Alles music, in august 2008.

Les Halles were the first farmer shop in Paris, and are nowadays a mall. It is going to be replaced by another building soon, teared down and rebuilt before 2010.

Alles is a song by Einsuerzebde Neubauten.

The first idea was to make it happen elsewere, but we passed in the Halles in order to buy a book and thought it was a "nice" place for it to happen...

I managed to have the director's authorization in order to be able to make the film right away. (Thanks him him by the way.....)

I was dancing, Vicky was recording.

It happened as it happened... as a happening happens.

Thanks to Widy Marché for all that has to do with technical sound devices ;)