3D Perler Bead Minecraft Steve Figure (FULL TUTORIAL)

  • 6 лет назад
*There is one bead that is misplaced for the arm piece, so please check the annotation stating the small error. Also, I know I forgot the shoes so please check out my zombie tutorial where the shoes are included! Thanks!* \r
Heres another 3D project for you guys, but it is a no-glue required project that I call jigsaw projects and I think they are really fun to make! I like making perler bead projects that can be assembled right away and just fit together perfectly so I spent a lot of time figuring out a design that satisfies me and I hope you enjoy it too! If you want to glue it, go ahead! It wouldnt hurt and it just makes sure that your Steve figure is super sturdy and ready to play with :) Thanks for watching and dont forget to subscribe, like and share if you want to ;) \r
I dont know who came up with this idea originally but it is definitely a great one and there are many perler beaders who have done their version of Steve. Credit goes to whoever thought of this concept! The templates for my Steve were created by myself however and are original patterns.\r
PS I know its kind of weird that I have to mention this, but I worked very hard to create the templates in this video and they are not for commercial use. If you want to recreate, modify/alter one of my project templates and post it, please tag me @QDCrafts or #qdcrafts and remember to always BE CREATIVE! :)\r
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