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  • 7 years ago
Best OWB Slide Holster - ShapeShift OWB Slide | Alien Gear Holsters

If you'd like to conceal outside the waistband, there are few holsters that are well-suited to the task. Often enough, the holster doesn't ride high enough, sticks out too far or is just not comfortable enough to carry everyday.

Leather pancake holsters can ride a bit too low for many people to conceal without too many layers for comfortable carry unless they're outside. Kydex holsters can be very uncomfortable to carry as well. This can also lead to needing more layers of clothing so the plastic doesn't cause discomfort when secured against the skin.

Alien Gear has a better take on the OWB holster: The ShapeShift Belt Slide OWB Holster, available now on our website at:

The ShapeShift Belt Slide holster has a comfortable, durable backer that will carry comfortably through years of service.

The backlayer is our Cool Vent Neoprene, a perforated neoprene layer that breathes and wicks away moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable. The middle layers are woven ballistic nylon and a spring steel flexplate, which give the holster a firm but flexible spine, ensuring the holster wears securely against the wearer whilst carrying. On the top is our revised Alien Skin textured surface, which won't mar the firearm's finish.

For retention, you get the ShapeShift's precision-molded shell and customizable passive retention. No other OWB hybrid holster will fit your gun's shape as closely, or let you dial in the draw as closely. The ShapeShift shell fully wraps the trigger guard, ensuring better retention and also lowering the overall profile of the holster.

The belt clips ride at trigger guard level, keeping the holster from riding too low. With many pistols, the bottom edge of the backer sits just above the top of the pants pockets, easily concealed with light layering at the most. Some find a t-shirt is perfectly sufficient though!

The result is an OWB holster that rides high, tight and comfortable. Perfect for OWB concealment or other OWB carry, without the typical compromises that have to be made for OWB carry.

The features don't end there, however. If desired, you could add a ShapeShift appendix carry clip, as the Belt Slide OWB Holster uses the same backer and shell - and give yourself two holsters in one for only a little extra.

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