Best Magazine Holster - OWB and IWB Mag Carrier by Alien Gear Holsters

  • 7 years ago
Now announcing the most advanced mag holster design conceived to date in the new line of Cloak Mag Carriers. You aren’t likely to find mag carriers as versatile, comfortable or functional from anyone else. To purchase one of these new magazine holsters, visit

For use as an OWB mag carrier, simply attach the larger OWB clip and remove the backer.

You’ll also find that cant is adjustable as well. Our Cloak Mag Carrier can be adjusted in 22.5-degree increments, including a fully horizontal position.

If one isn’t good enough, then you can take two, as we also have a dual mag carrier option as well. To carry dual magazines, select the dual magazine option.

Single Mag Carrier:
Double Mag Carrier: