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Do That Dance - Profit

TRIWORLD RECORDS Presents: Straight out of Fayetteville, North Carolina, PROFIT credits his particular style to any and all pioneers of the hip-hop community. Influences ranging from Busta Rymes, Jay-Z, Nas, and more recent artists such as Eminem and Nelly. He gives much love and respect to those who died in the game, B.I.G and Pac.

PROFIT's history in HipHop is strongly based in the underground,rapping in basements with members in the Lymic Squad.While visiting California, PROFIT entered a freestyle battle competition,where he was discovered by TriWorld Records.

After signing with TriWorld Records, PROFIT immediately began working on his debut album. When PROFIT is not in the studio recording, he is performing. PROFIT has performed with such acts as Noc-Turn’al, Jayo-Felony and N2DEEP.

TriWorld Records has been the home to many artists, which have included Connie (rotation - KYLD 94.9), Yolanda (rotation - KYLD 94.9), and the Wild Boys (rotation - KSOL 98.9 (KSOL 98.9).

PROFIT is produced by Black House Productions (headed by Rence Perez and Nick Olivo), which has produced tracks for artists such as BABY BASH on Universal Records, Don Cisco featured on “Next Friday “ soundtrack, JayTee of N2DEEP, Mr. Kee, Connie of “Funky Little Beat”, Yolanda (SONY), Angelina of Upstairs Records and other artists.

The album features the new singles, “Kitty, Kitty”, “Here We Go Again”, “Do That Dance”, and “Currency”.

You can purchase PROFIT's CD and other Triworld Records artist's CD's on line at CD Baby, iTunes, Napster, Wal Mart, Liquid Digital Media, Audio Lunchbox, Amazon, Verizon, Rhapsody and others.

Profit is curently working on his new video "I Like It" featuring Rence P.

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