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Mexico vs Iran

vor 12 Jahren1.7K views

June 9th to July 9th 2006, Germany celebrates a major football event, which can’t even be named without the proper “license”. Name brands, transmission rights … everything belongs to the corporate…

You think! The www.nachspielzeit.org will present you all the games. The most beautiful, important and deciding moments. The final results and all the memorable fouls. All for your viewing pleasure, free to copy, fake and modify as you wish. All Open Source.

On date, daily at 11am, all games of the previous day can be found here, staged by highly motivated amateur players. A 1:1 replay of the original game. And everything in handy 1 to 2 minute-long game summaries.

And you can be part of it! As player! As blogger! Upload your videos here or grab the latest scenes staged by the „Nachspieler“.
Raise the red card for the license hunters and enjoy yourself while you’re at it!

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Mexico vs Iran
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