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15 years ago|396 views

The 5 Minute Show Episode 7

The Pete
Ah, well, if you noticed, we skipped from episode 5 to episode 7. Alas, episode 6 seems to be lost forever in anything better than a crappy Real Media file that isn’t iPod ready. I had the original files that took to make the episode backed up on CD, but two of the 8 CDs that held the ep’s footage got scratched in a spindle. I’ve tried three different drives to get the data off–it’s just gone. I’ll try to run the Real Media version from my laptop to my DVR which will then allow me to convert it to mp4 format for the vodcast. Alas, for now, we’re skipping to episode 7 which is pretty timely, actually.

It’s all about a huge rally in the center of Hollywood I went to that was protesting the Iraq Attack, which hadn’t happened yet. This is the first in a series of 4 5 Minute Shows surrounding the protest and don’t worry–I got (what I think is) some humor out of the event. It’s not all hippie peaceniks preaching about peace and veganism. ;)