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Behind The Fighter: Lawrence Fitzpatrick

Fight Life TV
Fight Life TV
Fight Life TV are proud to announce another thrilling instalment to the Behind The Fighter segment, this week’s documentary features the renowned champion Lawrence Fitzpatrick.

In the past two years Lawrence has been to hell and back after suffering the loss of his father, incurring multiple injuries and heart palpitations that almost saw the end of his fighting career.

In a raw and honest interview Lawrence opens up about his lowest points in his career to his success at pro level. Holding an undefeated fight record, Lawrence found his reputation from amateur level and pro fights held him back in his career. Many fighters either avoided the cage with him or dropped out of fights at the last minute, much to his infuriation.

After finally securing a fight, he was forced to back out of the fight after suffering from heart palpitations. Following numerous tests that lasted over a year and a half, Lawrence was losing faith that he would return to the cage. He was devastated that his short career could come to an end at just the age of 30.

“It’s like your worst nightmare, I’d probably put my whole life into it and for it to end that way it would have broken my heart. I just want to fulfil my potential.”

Luckily at the end of 2015 Lawrence was given the all clear after doctors found the heart palpitations were caused by a benign athletic heart syndrome. The news came as a relief because he could once again enter the cage.

While this was a positive outcome, Lawrence was left in limbo, despite his hiatus from the cage his undefeated reputation was scaring fighters away. He was having trouble trying to secure a fight with anyone in the UK.

It’s a huge accolade to him yet a devastating blow as he was once again denied from the cage. Although he had hit another brick wall he never gave up, he continued to pursue his career in a bid to up his fighting record.

“I just never lost belief that I’m going to do it or that I’m going to get there.”

Although he is still actively pursuing his career, Lawrence reckons he will retire in the next five or six years. It’s still very much in the future and he has no intentions of holding back. He is determined to secure more fights with bigger names.

So much so that he has accepted a fight with Felony Charles Bennett formally known as Charles Crazy Horse Bennett, a renowned and unpredictable fighter with a mighty reputation.

Having fought all over the world, he currently holds a 30-30-2 record and will be making his first debut in England on Saturday 11th February at Tankō Fighting Championships 3.

For Lawrence this is a huge fight he will be going up against a fighter with 30 wins compared to his four wins, he will need to bring his all. Having a name like Bennett under his belt will be a career changing win that could see him reach the top. Of course a win like that may permanently keep him out of the cage in the UK…

“I’m a lifelong mixed martial artist and I couldn’t think of being anything else

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