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Behind the Fighter: Azi Thomas

Fight Life TV
Fight Life TV
Featuring on Fight Life TVs exclusive Behind The Fighter series is renowned fighter, Azi ‘One Bomb’ Thomas.

As a teenager Azi was encouraged by a friend to start MMA, after a few lessons he was hooked. The brutal yet skilled sport enthralled him. He began attending more lessons, cultivating his technique, readying himself for the cage.

Although Azi stumbled into MMA it was inevitable that he was going to enter some form of sporting career due to his father’s positive influence. Azi’s father, Mickey Thomas was a profound footballer who, in his high day, played for Manchester United, Wrexham and Wales were Azi is from. Although he did play football for a short time, Azi’s true passion lied in MMA.

In the last four years Azi has built up quite the reputation for his clean cut early knockouts early. He currently holds an impressive 9-3- 0 record after upping his winning count in March were he defeated Eden Newton at ACB 54 Supersonic within the first few seconds of round one. An impressive defeat that Azi is hoping to achieve in his next fight at EFC 59 this May were he will face Pierre Botha. A challenging fight that is set to take place in Africa, while Azi has had experience fighting in Africa, he does have to take certain measures to adjust his body to the countries culture and climate.

While training and fighting is a major interest, Azi is also dedicated to clean living and is a registered personal trainer with a mass of success that he proudly documents on his Instagram account. Albeit his success, Azi has had some pitfalls. In 2009 Azi got himself in trouble with the police which resulted in a six year prison sentence in which he served three years.

Despite the set-back Azi felt that prison taught him a lesson. It’s something that he regrets and is ashamed of but it’s also an experience that turned his life around. He grew up, he gained perspective and he was motivated to build a successful career.

With that in mind, he came out of prison ready to take the MMA world by a storm. The training was up and the fights were on the cards. His tireless work ethic has resulted in him constantly training in a bid to take the win.

Currently Azi is very much in training mode as he prepares for his upcoming fight. Since moving to Hamma Gym in St Helens Azi has been training with some of the best in the business including former UFC and MMA champions. With their combined knowledge, Azi’s natural talent and dedication to the sport his training and skill has never been more on point. His stand up work alone has improved astronomically so much so that opposing fighters are having difficulty keeping up with him. Before his technique developed, Azi’s main weakness was his stand up fighting but now his opponents seemingly have no chance.

The ‘One Bomb’ is fast becoming a reputable fighter, with his coach’s adamant that he will easily make it to the top.

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