Behind the Fighter: Tim Barnett
  • 7 years ago
Featuring on the last episode Behind The Fighter season one is peaceful fighter and undefeated champion Tim Barnett.
Peaceful and fighter, two words which rarely go together, however this Liverpool fighter seemingly doesn’t have a bad bone in his body, outside the cage that is.
With a grin Tim admits: “I am not your stereotypical fighter.”
As an undefeated champion with a 4-0 record, Tim is a budding MMA champion who is renowned for his early finishes. Despite only being on the scene for three years, he has built up an impressive record and reputation.
Whilst this may not have been a career that he ever expected to have, it is one that he has excelled at and one that he loves.
Before starting MMA, Tim studied sports psychology at Liverpool John Moores University and only got into mixed martial arts in a bid to keep fit. However, like many other fighters, that one MMA session got him hooked. Not only did it help him physically but also mentally, he became more focused, determined and confident.
It wasn’t long until he began training multiple times a week and the more he trained the more his natural flare for the sport became apparent. His natural talent encouraged him to take up MMA as a career and whilst MMA isn’t the most lucrative of careers it was too much of an opportunity for him to pass up on. As a big believer in living a happy life with a job that you love, Tim felt compelled to make MMA a career for him, something which he has received amass of support from his girlfriend, daughter and parents.
Given that it’s only been three years since Tim first took up MMA he has become a renowned name for an up and coming fighter. With a strong mentality to succeed his current performance would suggest that he will make it to the top, a notion that is strongly echoed by his coach and training partners.
Something which he is very appreciative of and said: “I’m very lucky to be around the coaches and teammates that I have to get me to where I need to be.”
Training out of Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Liverpool, Tim has a strong team behind him in a very successful gym that has trained some of the best in the business, including Lawrence Fitzpatrick. With such trainers and his avid determination to constantly improve his game it’s not surprising how far he has come.
From the start of 2016 Tim started his pro career and has continued to astound MMA fighters and fans all over the UK. He has fought on multiple prestigious shows, his last one being at BAMMA 28 in February of his year. Naturally Tim walked away victorious after defeating Rhys Mckee in the first round maintaining his early knockout record.
His next fight will see him face Mario Saeed at BAMMA 29 on the 12th May at Genting Arena in Birmingham, Saeed is an experienced fighter with a 9-3 record. However Tim isn’t worried, he’s studied his opponent and is confident in knowing he can walk away victorious. Whilst Saeed has an impressive record he will have to draw on all of his invaluable knowledge if he is to beat undefeated champion Tim Barnett.