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What is the difference between DWC and RDWC

GroWeed Some of you may or may not be familiar with Recirculating Dwc,However it is just a multiple bucket version of Dwc "DEEP WATER CULTURE" that is all connected to a single controller,Where nutrients is pumped from a pump to the top of each bucket,And returns through the bottom of each bucket back to the controller,Basically continuously mixing the nutrient solution making it stable through-out the whole system.The controller will have a float valve installed where it is connected to a reservoir which will auto top/feed the system.Each bucket will have an airline and airstone/air difffuser.Or the controller will have a powerhead installed.This is how the water/nutrient solution will get its Do "DISSOLVED OXYGEN".

The Bennifits to this system are!You can cool the whole system using a single water chiller.The system will auto top off and mix nutrient solution 24/7 keeping ph and ppm stable from bucket to bucket.And the growth and vigor is explosive when optimized.

Well the drawbacks,#1 is that this system uses lots of water.#2 is that its recirculating,So if one plants root system gets effected it can/will spread through out the system.Though on this version i put shut off valve on each row to insure if problem accurs i can isolate it to one single row.Its also possible for the roots to clog the return line causing an overflow however in this version thats very unlikely.

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