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6 years ago

INTERVIEW Ina-Alice Kopp, actress, Flytrap

Bob Andelman
TODAY’S GUEST: Ina-Alice Kopp, actress, “Flytrap"

INA-ALICE KOPP podcast excerpt: “Even though my character appears to be very simple-minded — and very mechanical at times — I do feel that, in the end, we’re telling a very touching, human love story.”

Key interview moments:

• 5:10 Actress Ina-Alice Kopp explains that even though her character, Mary Ann, seems focused only on sexual reproduction at the start of Flytrap, she does evolve by the end;

• 15:00 Kopp says she and her love interest in the film, played by actor Jeremy Crutchley didn't feel like they were pretending on screen;

• 23:45 How does an Austrian-born actress becoming big in China? Hint: it doesn't hurt to speak seven languages well.

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