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5 years ago

Quiz Winner | David Mitchell's SoapBox

David Mitchell's Soapbox
David Mitchell's Soapbox
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In this weeks episode, David is joined by a special guest star from the world of dance._David also announces the winner of his Wikipedia-friendly rhyming quiz._Many thanks to all of you who entered the competition. The quality of responses was universally outstanding with almost 81.3% of you getting all the answers right. For those of you who didnt, these are the right answers so you know for next time:

1 On which Island is the city of Jakarta? Java_2 On which island did they sign the Magna Carta? Magna Carta Island, Runnymede_3 In which war did Joan of Arc become a martyr? The Hundred Years War_4 In which war did Lysander fight for Sparta? Peloponnesian War_5 Whats the twin prime of 107? 109_6 Which river separates Cornwall & Devon? Tamar_7 Who became King in 1911? George V_8 What service was founded by Aneurin Bevan? National Health Service_9 Which theme park is in Anaheim? Disneyland_10 Who often wrote with Hammerstein? Richard Rodgers_11 Which oxides make up calamine? Zinc oxide & Iron oxide_12 In which song is it Hammer Time? Cant Touch This by MC Hammer_13 Whats the old name for Sri Lanka? Ceylon_14 Who played Sam in Casablanca? Dooley Wilson_15 For which teams George Smith a flanker? Brumbies, Australia_16 Whats meant by Lingua Franca? A language used by two people to communicate which is native to neither party._17 Who ran from Wile E. Coyote? Roadrunner_18 Who won an Oscar for Capote? Philip Seymour Hoffman_19 What type of plant is a peyote? Cactus_20 Who was the squire of Don Quixote? Sancho Panza_21 Beatles drummer before Ringo? Pete Best_22 Known as Kellys Eye in bingo? One_23 Film with baby-eating Dingo? A Cry In The Dark_24 Chief food of a flamingo? Brine shrimp_25 What goes in a bellini? Sparkling wine (prosecco) & Peach puree_26 Who invented the bikini? Louis Reard_27 Whats also called zucchini? Courgette_28 Who played Regan in The Sweeney? John Thaw_29 Who founded IKEA? Ingvar Kamprad_30 Who married Medea? Jason_31 Who fathered Hosea? Beeri_32 Who leads North Korea? Kim Jong-Il_33 Location of the Hassan Tower? Rabat, Morocco_34 Test debut of David Gower? June 1st 1978 vs Pakistan at Edgbaston_35 Running mate of Eisenhower? Richard Nixon_36 Latin name for Cauliflower? Brassica oleracea botrytis

Many congratulations to Andrew Langmead for being drawn out of the electric hat first.

And finally, thank you to Harper Collins who have sponsored 4 bonus episodes of Soapbox. Please do support them by buying hundreds of their new book, This Mitchell and Webb Book, on

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