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GTA V - Valkyrie escape on a motorbike (Accuracy Fix & Bodyguard Squads Mod)

hace 3 años|444 views
I made some "Valkyrie escape" videos trying to show the AccuracyFix script in action. This script changes accuracy on ALL the peds. The Valkyrie is spawned with the Bodyguard Squads mod, but by default the gunners' accuracy is good enough to shoot you constantly. As you can see on this video, they hardly can hit me. Anyway, i'll upload a video showing the original accuracy and accuracy=0 (as on this video), but first i want to update the mod with some in-game enable-disable features.

You can see better quality screenshots here (Puedes ver descripción del vídeo y mod y capturas a mejor calidad aquí): http://www.enforcerzhukov.xyz/2016/07/gta-v-huyendo-de-un-valkyrie-en-motovalkyrie-escape-on-a-motorbike/

You can get Accuracy Fix for Grand Theft Auto V here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/accuracy-fix
And Bodyguard Squads is here (very cool mod!): https://www.gta5-mods.com/search/bodyguard+squads

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