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What's new in the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta - App of the Week

Softonic EN
Softonic EN
4 years ago|59.3K views
The day Windows 10 launched so too did the newest version of the most popular game on the planet. Introducing... Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta. It is easy to summarize Minecraft, as a creative open-world sandbox, that ignores the fact that it is a constantly evolving game, that fuels player’s imagination in ways that never cease to amaze. There is so much to Minecraft that it really is only by immersing yourself in its world and culture that you can truly appreciate all it has to offer. The Windows 10 version of Minecraft is not a great leap forward, but that’s to be expected from the beta edition, with the game continuing to be developed going forward from user feedback. Also, if you already have the version of Minecraft, this beta is free for you. Minecraft Edition on Windows 10 has more in common with Minecraft Pocket Edition than it does with the PC version, though it certainly more full featured than its mobile sibling. Importantly for fans, even in this early stage, it still features the two key play modes; Survival and Creative. When you procedurally generated your world in Minecraft, you are asked to select between three types. Old, offers you a classic limited area in which to build, Infinite, allows you to explore forever, and there is the flat world, the perfect place to build and test explosives. While you’re creative skills will be useful across all of Minecraft’s modes, it is really in survival that they will be put to the test. First gathering wood to make a workbench, then building a hut to make it through the first night, before striking out into the world to explore… and then repeating the whole process moments before sundown because you forgot where you build your last hut. Minecraft Windows 10 Edition also lets you join multiplayer servers. It is packed with options, but there are some features notable absent from the original PC version. One prime example of this is that, even if you have the material, you cannot use Redstone’s more interesting powers Survival mode, limiting the possible usefulness of buttons and diodes. Still, we hold out home more of these will be included as the beta continues to develop. So what good is it? Well, yes, while we have focused on limitations, let’s look quickly look at what we love - Minecraft for Windows 10 isn’t just a great recreation of the game, it also is perfectly designed to suite its new platform – allowing you to move seamlessly between touch controls and the keyboard on the fly. Minecraft for Windows 10 provides an easy way for you to fly, create, hunt animals, and spend thousands of hours discovering the exciting and limitless world of Minecraft. Plus, it is only set to get better as it continues to be developed.