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How to get faster downloads with Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Softonic EN
Softonic EN
Internet Download Manager or IDM is a great program to manage and speed up all of your browser downloads.
Internet Download Manager is automatically set start when you begin a download. You can define a category for the file you're about to download, and a destination folder, you can also make folder the default location for specific file types if you mark the appropriate box. You can decide if you want to start the download immediately or wait.
As you see, here we using Chrome and IDM to download the same file. IDM cuts the file into pieces and downloads them all at the same time, one of the reasons for this is that it allows for a much higher transfer rate. Which is exactly why you wanted it. The result is that while Chrome is still downloading the file, IDM is already ready to play.
Another thing that makes IDM so fast is that it starts downloading a temporary version of the file while you're looking for the destination folder, which always gains you time. If you do not want it to do this, you can also disable this option from the "Downloads" menu.
IDM can download audio, video, and all types of other files you specify. IDM can queue and schedule downloads for specific times to ensure your browsing is not effected and shut down your PC once it has completed your download list. You can pause a download and resume it at any time, without any problems and without having to start the download.
IDM also lets you set daily download limits, download speeds, and pass downloads through an antivirus detector when they are downloaded, which is highly recommended. If you do not want to have to login each time you download files from a specific server or web page you can utilize the programs auto-fill function.
A perfect program for those who are downloading all day.
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