Assassins Creed Syndicate, an assassins game taking place in 19th century London

  • 9 years ago
While Dani looked at the end of a franchise, Maria looked to a game that is somewhere around the middle of one… Assassins Creed Syndicate.
At some point I stopped counting, but even along the main games, the latest Assassins Creed game must nearly have the franchise in double digits – but even with the yearly release schedule the development teams at Ubisoft continue to create fantastically fun and games… at least every other year.
And this is a good year, so everybody celebrate as we head to the streets of 19th century London to rule is assassiny underworld. And it is perfect locale for the action, allowing for the towering building that make the franchises climbing so much fun, while also having a historical dark-side that has been romanticized to the point that you half expect Oliver Twist to join you on your adventures – unfortunately all you get is Charles Dickins.
Along with the new setting, this year did see a few other significant changes to the franchise. Most notable of these was that this is the first time in a main line Assassin´s Creed game that you half been able to take control of a female assassin… half take control that is. This years heroes are the Assassin twins Evie and Jacob Frye, and you must take advantage of all their skills to master the game.
Evie is far more of an Assassin´s assassin, while Jacob is more inclined to go in – wristblades first – and ask questions later. This allows them to face missions quite differently, with Evie tending to rely more on stealth over her brothers brute force.
To help with this, there is also now a wrist grappling hook, allowing the duo to scale tall buildings in a single … thwonk… zzzzzzzzzup. Amazing, a tool from the 1800s that I would happily trade for an Apple Watch.
True, in many ways Syndicate is just more Assassins Creed, but is a good one.