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Hamarinn (The Cliff) S01 Ep 2 of 4 (Iceland) Eng Subs

The Cliff is a dramatic mystery about a Crime Detective who is sent to a small community in Iceland to help a local policewoman investigate a suspicious accident. Together they unravel a mystery that involves bizarre incidents and unexplained deaths
Directed by Reynir Lyngdal, the 2009 four-part TV series follows two detectives as they try to solve the mysterious death of a local man. The episodes contain all of the standard issue crime drama storylines to be sure: one detective out to prove herself, another with a dark past, a power struggle, even the romantic love connection is predictable from the get-go.

It revolves around the suspicious accident of a local man who falls to his death late one night while at the helm of his front-end loader.

The cliff from which he fell, which was set to be demolished to make way for business interests, is held in high regard within the small community. Many townspeople feel uneasy speaking around the rock formation for fear of the hidden people and so the plan to blow it up is controversial to say the least.

This belief in the hidden people is only one superstitious element present in The Cliff. The ominous circling of ravens, the recurring apparition of a dead man in a trench coat, an old woman who has the gift of second sight, and the little blond-haired boy who can see both the future and the dead are also worked into the storyline.