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The Lost Tapes Marco Dos Santos 1982

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For over the past 100 years, we have been conducting interviews of personalities that have shaped and created music as we know it, documenting their rise to fame, trials, tribulations, and ground breaking innovations that marked not only music in their time, but that of generations to come. These recordings have been stored away and forgotten for decades, until now. These are’s « Lost Tapes ».

To celebrate the release of Alain Chamfort’s latest double album (Pias), a selection of 12 iconic songs revisited by the « crème de la crème » of today’s contemporary and alternative scene such as Chloé, Get A Room!, Paradis, Superpitcher, Ivan Smagghe, Pilooski, Cardini & Shaw, Jackson & His Computer Band, and more, we have uncovered and retrieved this 1982 interview of his now rich and world famous producer, Marco Dos Santos, who shares with us a few words on Chamfort’s beginnings, his views on the world in 1982, and his vision of the future.

« Alain Chamfort - Versions Revisitées » - Now available anywhere good and to listen to on !

Vidéos à découvrir

Vidéos à découvrir