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6 years ago

Dailymotion Partnership Network | Become a Partner Now!

Become a Dailymotion Partner Now!
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Benefits for joining Dailymotion Partnership Network

Adsales Team:

We work with an adsales team, that means you can earn between $2-$40 per 1,000 monetized views if ads are available.

Channel Verified:

Once you join our Dailymotion Partnership Program your channel will immediately get Verified Badge (Blue Check Mark)

Financial Sponsorship:

This means we will pay you money ontop of your earnings to continue to make great content and develop your brand.

Additional revenue:

We work directly with advertisers so that you can earn additional revenue on your videos scaling from $5 -$25 per video

Access to our Creators Corner

The creators corner is a powerful partner only platform, which enhances your partnership experience. It’s built upon our commitment to help our partners grow and is a powerful growth tool platform

No Lock In Contract:

This means that you stay partnered with us, for as long as you feel is necessary. In other words if there comes a time where you want to leave our partnership program, just unlink us and within 30 days we’ll remove you from the network, no questions ask and no hassle.

$0 minimum payouts:

If you earn $1 you get paid $1, simple as.

You have ownership of your channel!:

When you partner with us, we do not take ownership control of your channel, you still decide how your channel runs.

Content ID Protection:

This means if someone copy’s your videos and uploads it to Dailymotion and you have ads on the original. We’ll place adverts on their video and YOU will get the money.

Product Placement:

We can help you get product placement deals for your YouTube channel!

No Withholding Tax:

We don’t have any additional tax. in other words, if you earn $1 we will not tax you $0.1 or whatever. If you earn $1 you keep $1.

Exclusive music and videos:

We have a royalty free selection of music and videos, which you can use on your YouTube and Dailymotion videos. exclusive to our partners.

Exclusive Products:

We have exclusive products for our partners, like our creators corner & music development help.

Exclusive Services:

We have services which are only available to our partners on the partners section of the forum. like graphic artists, product placement.

You Earn Straight Away:

You earn as soon as you enable your ads!. Unlike other networks, we do not need to approve your videos in order for you to earn. Simply put, if you place ads on a video, you earn from the first view not the 1,000th

Free Graphics Services:

Thats right, you get free intro’s, outro’s, thumbnails art ETC all with us!

24/7 Support System:

We have a support ticket system that is up and running 24/7

Growth Platform:

We have a platform dedicated to help you GROW your channel on Dailymotion

Premium Partnership:

This is something that anyone can apply for when they’ve grown their channel, it gives you a higher payout and more tools.

Apply Now!

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