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Vetstreet Interview Fun Paw Care

Okay so I'm here today with Buddy and Russell. First tell me, Buddy is not yours, could you explain a little bit?

Sure, well my name is Russell Hartstein I own Fun Paw Care. We're a dog training company here in South Florida. Buddy is my client's dog and I'm habituating him to different stimulus on Lincoln Road. This is a great resource to use.

Maybe you can answer a question for me about micro-chipping? As a veterinarian I always recommended it but not everybody takes me up on my recommendations. Do you have any any personal feelings about it?

Well we strongly advocate micro-chipping and before we accept any dog for boarding or pet sitting we really push that feature, to have it. There are so many times we rescue dogs that don't have microchips and then they end up going back to the Humane Society of Greater Miami or any of these other no kill shelters. It's really very difficult when they don't have one And of course keep them up to date as well. Absolutely! And keep them registered. It's very important.

Fun Paw Care
16th St. in Miami, FL, 33139
(786) 372-0299

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