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6 years ago

West's Reaction to Paris Attacks; Gen Raheel Sharif in US; Modi's World Tour

Will West's reaction to Paris attacks weaken or strengthen ISIS and other Middle East terror groups? Should Muslim refugees coming to Europe and US be punished for such attacks? Will it make the Syrian refugee crisis much worse? How will further alienation of already marginalized Muslims in France affect security in Europe? Why is General Raheel Sharif in Washington? Do such visits weaken Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's government? Are there any implications for the future civil-military ties in Pakistan? What does the Badin sweep of Zulfiqar Mirza's anti-PPP candidates in local elections mean for Sindh politics? Why has Narendra Modi chosen to focus on foreign relations with 30 foreign visits in just over a year since he became Prime Minister of India? Is it all about photo ops and PR to project himself as a world leader? Can India really become a significant global power with its poorly educated and unhealthy labor force? Shouldn't Modi pay more attention to India's serious social, economic and development issues at home?