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6 years ago

Tarek Fatah vs Riaz Haq on India, Pakistan and Muslims

Tarek Fatah, Canadian Muslim writer and broadcaster, and Riaz Haq, a Pakistani-American blogger, debate the following:

In a 2013 interview with Times of India, Tarek Fatah said, "Pakistan will soon disintegrate". Is this a prediction or a wish? Why is he such a strong and vocal supporter of Baloch insurgents? If Pakistan does disintegrate, what will be its fall-out for the region and the world?

When Tarek Fatah was asked in an NDTV interview about Donald Trump's Muslim Ban, why did he criticize Muslims, Obama and western liberals rather than address the question directly?

Why is Tarek Fatah seen in the company of well-known anti-Islam bigots like Robert Spencer and Frank Gaffney on Fox News and as a guest of honor of RSS student wing ABVP at JNU in India? Why does Tarek Fatah pander to the Indian Hindu Nationalists and western Islamophobes? Why does he not condemn Islamophobia?

Viewpoint From Overseas host Faraz Darvesh moderated the debate.

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