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Vintage Crime Scene Investigation Police Evidence CSI Video

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12 years ago|3.8K views
There are silent witnesses all over a crime scene ready and willing to testify on behalf of the victim. These silent witnesses are often better known as physical evidence. As a crime is reported, the local police department will send out officers to investigate the scene. After a sufficient amount of pictures are taken, the officer in charge will then begin to divide the zones of the crime scene amongst his men. Such great detail is taken during this time because the perpetrator usually takes or leaves something behind to identify them. The officers will first photograph and lift footprints and fingerprints. After being lifted, two officers will document, preferably on the evidence, the date and initials. These documented pieces of evidence will then be logged for later in reconstruction and court. Even a trashcan can be a place to find evidence and clues. Officers will search for photographs, bills, receipts, notes, and anything that might give a name or number. For crime scenes indoors, even the bedspreads will be taken to a laboratory. Before leaving, the officer in charge will search all the zones again to make certain that no evidence has escaped the eye. Some crimes take place outside. This does not effect the structure of the officers that will search for evidence; however, there are many different techniques then used for finding evidence. One may use a spiral, grid or strip search pattern to find evidence. Usually the surroundings will determine which method will be used. Any measurements will be double checked outdoors. Tire prints are just as unique to identify as fingerprints. Such tire prints will be lifted with a plaster cast for documentation in the laboratory. Either indoor or outdoor, the silent witnesses are just waiting to be found and used in court. See the full length video at: