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和平 和平
Nazilli Ticaret Odası Kültür Yayınları
Cultural Publications by Nazilli Chamber of Commerce

NYSA Belgeseli. NYSA Bekliyor...
Nysa is Waiting. Nysa Documentary English Subtitle


Feeding the best soils under the sky, Maiandros River flows woefully and zestily for centuries, during its trip to Aiges.
During this trip, with the yearnful gloom of an unnamed heritage it flows
with a unique salute to Nysa from the shore,
This mysterious heritage;
A creek that managed to leave its marks even though it couldn't make it to our day,
running between the mountains, over the Nysa, with the memories of the past, yearning to reach the meandros river...
During its trip to Meandros, this mysterious creek carved a path through the mountains, left its marks on the canyon and divided Nysa which is one of the most beatiful cities in history by flowing right through its heart, and enabled the city to be remembered as "the Double City".
Just like the mysterious water in Meandros, having been lost in the mists of the time but has never been forgotten, Nysa sheds light to the World with its past civilization even today,
and with its weary but strong structure, watches its indispensable part Meandros for centuries while patiently waiting to see the light...
Who would've guessed that a city with its green and unique location where bright creeks come together, a city of civilization which will embrace hundreds of generations in the future was established
during the 3rd century Before Christ, when the first stone was put onto the other...
Wide Bazaar surrounded by columned porches on all four sides; with their "Agora's".
With its wide "Palaestra" which is one of the biggest ones in the Anatolia; and the "Gymnasium" where athleticism and training events are held,
With "Gerontikon" 'Elders Council' that hosts many cultural and political meetings in the city,
With Stadion that reflects the Roman Period architecture's superior features as it built in accordance with the topography.
With its Avenues and Streets, Bridges, Forum area, Bazaar basilica and monumental entrance, wait for the city which left its marks in history, is now over.

Director: Ahmet Barış Türkkaynağı
Associate Director: Gamze Türkkaynağı
Graphic & Design: Ruhi Coşgun
Asistant : Lütfi Özkal
Sound Recording Studio: Radyo 9
Voice Over: Erdal Akgenç

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