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Cranberry Viburnums... A Birding Favorite

At Our Farm we do a lot of barters... Trades Wanted

We are always looking to trade nursery stock and Seedlings for your surplus. We even have many landscape boulders that we can swap with. You could also do some hauling for us in return for stock or access to go hunting, fishing, camping, we will not be insulted by your offers. Email us with your surplus materials. We may be able to make trades. Since our trucks go all over the East Coast, we can deliver our stock and pickup your items. Most people want to bring their items to us and select their own trees and shrubs... that is fine too.

Examples of items we need:

Construction materials and equipment...doors, windows, boards, hardware
Plumbing supplies...pvc pipe and fittings, pumps, heaters, copper pipes and fittings .... How we recycle PVC
Hunting and fishing gear...ammo, reels, rods, tackle, boats, canoes, paddles
Snakes...Click here to read why

Hand tools...saws, drills, hand power tools, blades cutters hammers, wrenches, tool boxes
Farm implements...out door power equipment, tractors, wagons, fertilizers, pesticides, used cans of oils and lubs
Farm supplies...shovels, rakes, farm bells, an anvil, blacksmith's tools, generators
Fencing materials such as woven wire and split rail fencing, fence chargers, barbed wire, wire, nails, nuts, bolts, surplus pavers,
Palletized stone, field stone, flagstones, rocks, boulders
Household items such as wooden furniture, tables chairs, cabinets and dressers
Livestock..pigs, goats, cows, donkeys, chickens, peacocks, sorry no sheep(I don't trust myself with them).

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