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Led Zeppelin Keith Moon Forum June 23, 1977

12 years ago|12.9K views
Led Zeppelin Keith Moon Forum June 23, 1977

An audience recording (and film footage) show Moon with a tambourine and banging the tympani. But, as this rare photo above show, Moon also sat in on Bonham's Plant & Moondrum kit for a brief segment in Moby Dick.

Moon's friend and personal assistant Dougal Butler remembers the night :

"Bonzo suggests to Moonie he should nip along with him to the show. During Bonzo's drum solo, "John has a long solo which involves him and his massive drum kit rising up in the air, via a hydraulic drum riser. And just as he is about to elevate, he calls Moonie, who is watching from the side of the stage. Somewhat hesitantly, Moonie steps out and joins Bonzo and, suddenly, we have the spectacle of two of the heaviest and most exciting drummers in rock flailing about Bonzo's kit like a pair of Bruce Lees on speed. Naturally, the kids go crazy...

"Led Zeppelin" "jimmy page" mrjyn

Mo Rourk and Mr. McGregor that's the main reason i stuck this up here. i wanted to hear some riot house stories. but you ain't sayin' this night in particular, right? cause i know you're photogenic but i didn't know about your photographic memory. i think they did long stands at the forum, no?
Taquila Mockingbird I was just hanging at the Rainbow I was not fond of Rockers after 1975 with long hair but. Lemmy says they were always there I have a series of interviews I did with him on tubule.

would you please for the third time send me the links to whichever videos you're pretending to be modest about. i haven't seen one yet. god, my idea of a perfect sundae would be: the rainbow, me and jimmy's old (ha) lady, Lori (after he'd unchained her), and the photographer i brought with me in my time machine so i could show you. lucky (napoleon dynamite)

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